Work with Mela

I offer workshops, consulting, and creative services for individuals, media productions, and organizations.


Signature Workshops

  • Sin Salsa No Hay Paraíso: Exploring on2 Salsa and New York City Cultural History
  •  Creative Survival in Academia & Beyond: Envisioning the Creative “Alt”-Ac
  • Movement for Liberation: Dance and the Sociological Imagination


For individual dancers:

For organizations, companies, & media productions:

  • Tailored support with research, framing, review, or written communication related to your media production or organizational project, with a story-driven, compassionate, and intersectional lens.

Detailed qualitative or mixed-methods research providing social or historical information on your project topic.

Authenticity reads or sensitivity review for the following topics:

  • Italian or Italian American representation
  • New York City neighborhoods and communities (historic or contemporary)
  • Interracial family dynamics (w/partner)
  • Latin social dance communities

Creative Services

  • Private or Group Dance Classes
    • NY-style Mambo/on2 Salsa, Latin Fusion
  • Choreography
    • NY-style Mambo/on2 Salsa, Latin Fusion, Street Jazz, Commercial, Theater
“Carmela has a vast breadth of multidisciplinary talents and as a brilliant strategist, she understands how to share her talents to accomplish collectively envisioned goals. Carmela has a great deal of integrity and frequently sets an example to others, serving as a moral compass, by embodying great humility, love, and compassion in this work."
“Working with Carmela was an absolute pleasure; she dove deep into the background materials we provided, gave well-reasoned and thorough but concise write-ups of her feedback, and even spotted opportunities where we could add additional details for authenticity. We look forward to working with her again!”
Meromorph Games
“Carmela is extremely energetic, knowledgeable, and well organized. She listened to what I needed and tailored the program accordingly.”
Former Client