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Creative Visions is an 8-week small group coaching program for artists, creative entrepreneurs, and (alt) academics who are ready to bring their next project from idea to reality.

With weekly strategy sessions, M-F support, and individualized feedback, we work together to help you get clear on your creative project, get right mentally, and map out a plan to make it happen.

The program is grounded in the belief that sustaining our mental and emotional health through creative expression helps sustain us as we fight toward systemic change and collective liberation. As we do this work, we recognize that economic freedom is an important part of creative freedom – and we build a plan that works for your needs.

Through collective exchange, we empower each other to envision and claim the income and lifestyle you need, in alignment with your values and creative expression.

In addition to building clarity and support networks, the program focuses on growing your core skills in project management, writing, and marketing.

Hi, my name is Carmela Muzio Dormani, PhD.

You can call me Mela.

For the last decade I’ve straddled the world of academia and the arts, completing my sociology PhD in 2020 while performing, teaching, and competing as a professional salsa dancer, and engaging in a community-grounded artistic praxis.

Training as a sociologist provided me with a strong skill set in writing, research, critical thinking, and communication.

Meanwhile, by carving out a creative path for myself as a dancer, I was able to make community impact, affirm my full humanity in the face of academic elitism, and have an economic lifeline outside of my institution when I needed it most.

I created The Millennial PhD podcast + blog to support fellow artists, entrepreneurs, and (recovering) academics to pursue their own creative visions, and build toward economic freedom.

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Collective creative inspiration and interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, and professional pivoters across industries.

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